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Hello Fifth Graders! Welcome to the country of Zambia! Click around on the toolbar to learn more about the Country of Zambia. Here is some information on this country!
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Zambia Fast Facts
Located in: Southern AfricaPopulation: 12.926 MillionCapital: LusakaClimate: TropicalReligion: ChristianLanguage: English & Native Bemba(Wikipedia, 2011)

Zambia's Flag
Flag of Zambia

The Zambian flag is a green background with strips of Red, Black and Orange. Green represents agriculture, red recalls the struggle for independence,Black stands for the Zambian people and Orange symbolizes Zambia's mineral wealth, particularly the major deposits of copper. The eagle in flight symbolizes freedom and victory over national problems. (Zambia Tourism, 2011)

Zambia's National AnthemHere are the lyrics of the National Anthem presented in a word cloud. The larger a word, the more times it is sung in the song. Note which words are most prominent.
Zambia's National Anthem Wordcloud

(Metro Lyrics, n.d)

Watch this Video to listen to children sing the National Anthem!


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