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Welcome kindergartners and your families to the homepage of Tanzania. Here you can find fun information about one of Africa's countries. Use the table of contents to guide your search on each page. To look at each page, use the toolbar at the top of each page. Enjoy!

Wordle of Tanzania National Anthem

This shows words found in Tanzania's national anthem.
The biggest words are used more, and the smallest words are used less.

Fun FactsLocation: Africa
Capital: Dodoma
Population: 36,232,074
Nationality: Tanzanian
Language: Swahili
Religion: Christian, Muslim, Indigenous beliefs
Government: Republican
National Bird: Crowned Crane
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Tanzania Flag

The Flag

The Tanzania flag was adopted on June 30, 1964.
The Tanzanian flag has five stripes, which run diagonally. The four colors shown in the flag are green, yellow, black, and blue. Each color represents a something special about the country. The green represents the bountiful nature, agricultural activity, and the fertility of the soil. The yellow represents the country's mineral treasures. The black represents the people of Tanzania and the blue represents the the Indian Ocean, which forms a coastline to the country.
MapsOfWorld, 2009

National Anthem

In 1961, Tanzania was the first country in Africa to use the popular African song "God Bless Africa" as its anthem.

The lyrics are in Swahili, Tanzania's official language. Below are the lyrics to their national anthem in both Swahili and English (bolded).
YouTube, 2009

Mungu ibariki Afrika (God Bless Africa)Mungu ibariki Africa (God Bless Africa)
Wabariki Viongozi wake (Bless its leaders)
Hekima Umoja na Amani (Let Wisdom Unity and)
Hizi ni ngao zetu (Peace be the shield of)
Afrika na watu wake. (Africa and its people)

Ibariki Afrika (Bless Africa)
Ibariki Afrika (Bless Africa)
Tubariki watoto wa Afrika. (Bless the children of Africa)

Mungu ibariki Tanzania (God Bless Tanzania)
Dumisha uhuru na Umoja (Grant eternal Freedom and Unity)
Wake kwa Waume na Watoto (To its sons and daughters)
Mungu Ibariki, (God Bless)
Tanzania na watu wake. (Tanzania and its People)

Ibariki Tanzania (Bless Tanzania)
Ibariki Tanzania (Bless Tanzania)
Tubariki watoto wa Tanzania. (Bless the children of Tanzania)
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