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Map of South Africa

"There are only two major rivers in South Africa: the Limpopo, a stretch of which is shared with Zimbabwe, and the Orange (with its tributary, the Vaal) which runs with a variable flow across the central landscape from east to west, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at the Namibian border."

Geography Fun Facts:
-1/8th the size of the United States
-Two times the size of France
-Three times the size of Germany
-The largest city in South Africa is Johannesburg
-The Drakensburg Mountains are the highest is South Africa

Population: 49,052,489 (July 2009 est.)
Capital: Pretoria (administrative capital), Bloemfontein (judiciary), and Cape Town (legislative)
Area: 470,693 square miles (1,219,090 sq km)
Coastline: 1,738 miles (2,798 km)

Physical Features:
"South Africa's terrain consists of a vast interior plateau rimmed by rugged hills and a narrow coastal plain. Its lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean at 0 m, the highest point is Njesuthi at 3,408 m."

Climate:Temperate climateSurrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans on three sidesWinters are between June and August
The coldest place in South Africa is Sutherland
The deep interior has the hottest temperatures

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