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On this page you will learn about many different aspects of the culture of South Africa! Some of the things you will find here include some different foods, info about music, info about education, and sports.

  • Black African 79%
  • White 9.6%
  • Colored 8.9%
  • Indian/Asian 2.5%


  • 0-14 years - 28.5%
  • 15-64 years - 65.8%
  • 65 and over - 5.7%

Here are some of the main and popular foods of South Africa
  1. The cuisine of South Africa is heavily meat-based
  2. Boerewors or spicy sausages
  3. Mielies or Mielie-meal, often as a porridge, or pearl millet, is a food staple of black South Africans
  4. Pastries such like koeksisters and desserts like melktert are also universally popular
  5. Indian food like curry is also popular
  6. Spicy peri-peri chicken

South African Cuisine

MusicThere is great diversity in music from South Africa. Afrikaans music covers multiple genres, such as the contemporary Steve Hofmeyr, and the punk rock band Fokofpolisiekar.
"The South African music scene includes Kwaito, a new music genre that had developed in the mid 1980s and has since developed to become the most popular socio-economic form of representation among the populace." (Music of South Africa par 3)
EducationStudents go through twelve years of schooling (grades 1-12). Grades 1 through 9 is their basic education. Years 10-12 are career oriented or technical oriented. The passing rate of students was 40% in the 90's but 2009 it had risen all the up to 60.6%!!

"Public universities in South Africa are divided into three types: traditional universities, which offer theoretically oriented university degrees; universities of technology ("Technikons"), which offer vocational oriented diplomas and degrees; and comprehensive universities, which offer both types of qualification." (Education of South Africa, par 2)

Sports in South AfricaThe most popular sports in South Africa are soccer, rugby union and cricket. South Africa has been the home to numerous world cup tournaments of each of the three.

Rugby World Cup 1995 (South Africa in green)

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