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Classroom Activities
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On this page you will find some different classroom activities that will help students to solidify their knowledge of South Africa.

Early Elementary Activity

[17.A.1a] Identify physical characteristics of places, both local and global (e.g., locations, roads, regions, bodies of water).
Objective: Students will find South Africa on a map and will label different geographic features of the country.
Overview: Students will each receive a blank map of Africa and will be asked to locate South Africa. They will also be given two blank maps of South Africa. On one of the maps they are to color the country and label 5 cities in South Africa including the 3 capitals. They are to mark the cities with a dot and the capitals with stars. On the other blank map students will be asked to color it with physical features. Mountain ranges should be colored brown and orange and yellow. Grasslands and forests should be colored green. Bodies of water and rivers should be colored blue. All rivers, bodies of water, mountain ranges and any other physical features should be labeled correctly.

Upper Elementary Activity

[17.D.2b] Identify different settlement patterns in Illinois and the United States and relate them to physical features and resources.
Objective: Students will be read about South Africa and use their knowledge to write a short essay comparing the similarities and differences between South Africa and the United States.
Overview: Students will research South Africa on their own or with a partner. They will need to look at different aspects of the economics, the geography, the climate and the culture. After doing the research students will then be asked to write a 2-3 paragraph essay comparing the similarities and differences between the United States and South Africa.

Fine Arts

[26.B.1d] Visual Arts: Demonstrate knowledge and skills to create visual works of art using manipulation, eye-hand coordina­tion, building and imagination.
Objective: Students will be create a flag of South Africa using construction paper.
Overview: Students will be asked to create a flag of South Africa. They will first make a rough copy of their flag using markers/colored pencils/crayons to make sure they know what the flag looks like. Then they will use construction paper to create their flag. They can do this in any way that they would like. They can used ripped up pieces of construction paper or they can cut out pieces that fit together in the shape of the flags or they can come up with their own procedure for using the construction paper.

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