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Elementary Activity

Picture of book Miss Frizzle's Adventures: Ancient Egypt

Before reading Miss Frizzle's Adventures: Ancient Egypt by Joanna Cole, students will fill in the first two columns of the KWL chart with what they know about Egypt and what they want to know. After finishing the book, students will participate in a discussion that answers the following questions:

1. What was your favorite part of Miss Frizzle's adventure?
2. What things in Egypt were different then here today?
3. Do you think it's ok for people to take things from tombs and put them in museums?

After the discussion, students will finish their last column on the KWL chart with what they have learned about Egypt.

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Upper Elementary Activity

Social Studies Centers on Egypt

1. Students will get in groups of 4 or 5 and move from center to center together
2. They will be given 10-15 minutes at each station
3. This activity will cover two days, with 3 rotations on the first day and 2 on the second

Station 1:
Egyptians often left our vowels when writing in their language. Write a letter to a friend leaving out all the vowels in your words. Trade with a group member and see if they can read it.

Station 2:
The Sphinx at Giza is missing the end of it's nose, but historians are not entirely sure why. Write a story telling what happened to the nose. Read them aloud in your group and vote on the best story.

Station 3:
Egyptians buried their dead in tombs with items that they thought the person might need or want in their afterlife. Using the blank pyramid worksheet, draw and label what you would want put in your tomb. Share with your group members and be sure to say why you chose each item.

Station 4:
Pretend you are one of the Egyptian workers helping to build the pyramids. Write a letter home to your family describing your day, your thoughts, and your feelings. Share aloud in your group.

Station 5:
The Ancient Egyptians went to great lengths to protect the wealth within the tombs of the dead. Sometimes they even made traps to catch grave robbers. Design and draw a tomb you think would be safe from grave robbers. Don't forget to explain why on the back of your paper. Share your drawings with your group members.

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Fine Arts Activity

Using the chart of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, students will create their own name cartouches on construction paper (Egyptian Hieroglyphics, n.d.).

Hieroglyph Chart
Cartouche Example


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