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Elementary Activity

Standard: 17.A.1a Identify physical characteristics of places, both local and global (e.g., locations, roads, regions, bodies of water).
(ISBE, 2011)

Sample of Map Students Could Use

Objective: Students will be able to locate Tanzania on a map of Africa along with its capital, lakes, landmarks, and surrounding countries.

Overview: Students will be provided with a map of Africa. They will have specific instructions to do the following: 1.) Color Tanzania orange and its surrounding countries green. 2.) Make a purple star where the capital is located. 3.) Draw a brown triangle where Mount Kilimanjaro is located. 4.) Color the island of Zanzibar pink. 5.) Draw four blue circles where Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyike, Lake Nyasa, and the Indian Ocean are. NOTE: Depending on the grade and academic level, students can complete this independently, in partners, groups, or whole class.

Upper Elementary Activity

Standard: CC.5.W.1 Text Types and Purposes: Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with reasons and information.
(ISBE, 2011)

Objective: Students will be able to write a poem about one of Tanzania's elements.

Overview: Students will construct a poem based on one of Tanzania's elements. Some suggestions include, but are not limited to: the flag, national anthem, plants, animals, land, people, or landmarks. Students will edit their poems with peers and finally present them to the class.

Fine Arts Activity

Grade: Upper Elementary
African Violet

CC.4.W.7 Research to Build and Present Knowledge: Conduct short research projects that build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic.

26.B.2dVisual Arts: Demonstrate knowledge and skills to create works of visual art using problem solving, observing, designing, sketching and constructing.
(ISBE, 2011)

Objective: Students will be able to construct an element from Tanzania's culture using a variety of tools.

Overview: Students will conduct research on an element from Tanzania's culture to find out more information. Then, they will create a physical representation of the element and write two paragraphs with information regarding the element. Lastly, they will present this project and information to the class and display it in the classroom when finished. For example, a student may research the African Violet, which is a popular flower in Tanzania. Then, they will research about the flower and possibly create the flower from clay to represent it. Students can pick from a variety of physical activities such as: clay models, paintings, mobiles, sketches, paper mache, etc.



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